Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Cupboard is Bare

When I originally took up the challenge of trying to write about food for a whole month, I thought it would be easy; cooking, food shopping and eating are some of my favourite pastimes after all. But I found that after two weeks, it was a struggle to find new things to say about my day to day eating, and various circumstances prevented me from indulging in any noteworthy extra-curricular culinary activities. So as you may have gathered, I failed the challenge. But it has still been a worthwhile exercise, that will hopefully lead to more foodie posts in future.

This weekend I am off to another music festival - Kendal Calling in the Lake District. I'm taking Ant with me this time, so I imagine that mealtimes will be much more regulated than my infrequent ad-hoc snack attacks at Latitude. And if the weather turns out to be as grim as predicted, we might even go off-site for a meal at one of the area's notable restaurants or gastro pubs at some point. Certainly a visit to the Lakes wouldn't be complete without a trip to the legendary Grasmere Gingerbread shop, whose distinctly moreish produce can only be bought (legitimately) directly from the shop, or via their website.

Photo by Frazgo on Flickr.
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