Breakfast In Bed

Friday, December 15, 2006

Party Season

Yes, it's that time of year again... out come the frocks and heels, and plenty of glitter, all just so you can embarrass yourself in front of your colleagues at the institution which is the office Christmas party!

Mine was last night, and the following email was sent round this morning which kind of says it all really:

Xmas Work Quiz
1) Which staff member was caught relieving himself in the now golden streets of Lewes (by the police)?

2) Which advertising team member got stuck in the pavement and was helped by a man wielding a lighter?

3) Which staff member’s slick moves on the dance floor shocked and inspired the rest of the company?

4) Which member of staff seemingly bored a senior colleague to such a degree that he mysteriously fled mid conversation?

5) Which worker was asked to leave a Brighton club for being too drunk whilst trying to rescue the below staff members?

6) Which 2 members of staff were told they were too drunk/old to attend a Brighton Club?

7) Which staff member turned up to work in last nights clothes?

8) Which staff member was sick at a Newhaven railway station and various points along the way?

9) Which male and female staff members started a bread roll – bagel tossing competition whilst the starters were being served?

10) Which staff members had a terrible case of food poisoning and couldn’t make it into work today?

11) Which entire department has been in a “un scheduled meeting” since 9am this morning?

12) Which staff member had several glasses of the free bubbles by stating “do you know who I am”?

13) Which staff members were encouraged to practice frottage with a certain other staff member’s fishnets?

Answers on a postcard to the advertising dept ……..

I'm not telling which of these (if any) involved me, but let's just say there's a shared sense of fragility around the office today!