Saturday, July 05, 2008

Pre Gig Burgers

The perfect pre-gig rocket fuel, from the Gourmet Burger Kitchen next door to Komedia, this was not actually a burger, but a slice of deep-fried goats' cheese layered with gushy griddled aubergine and tart sunblush tomatoes. The chips in the background (shared between the two of us) were cooked to perfection - golden and crispy on the outside, light and fluffy on the inside. As fast food chains go, this place is to MacDonalds what Pizza Express is to Pizza Hut - not exactly challenging cuisine, but comfortingly consistent. The Brighton branch is a great people-watching spot too, especially if you go on a night where something whacky is happening at Komedia, like last night's Born Bad vs Gypsy Hotel extravaganza.

The North Laine is teetering on the edge of night time café culture, which even in such busy thoroughfares as New Road we don't quite get right here in Brighton (perhaps beery leeriness is just part of British DNA). This particular Friday was better than most though, as an exotic blend of retro style icons, rockabilly vixens and the most preened quiffs on the south coast mingled before the Komedia soireé. Even in my slinky vintage-style halterneck (bought especially for the occasion), I felt comparatively under-dressed. How perversely fitting to be eating sophisticated burgers surrounded by people who have taken base Americana and turned it into a high art form. Well, what better way to observe the 4th of July than to gracefully hijack US culture and smugly improve upon it?

With thanks to Ant for his contribution to this post.

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  1. That's quite a hefty burger!

    Got a question for you (that I might have already asked) - my band's coming over from Tokyo for some live dates in August. Would you happen to know anyone in the Brighton live scene that would be up for putting us on in town?

    Heavily appreciated if so, no worries if not.


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