Sunday, July 06, 2008

Disappointing Grub in a Field

Going to music festivals inevitably involves buying one's food from various vans and eating it on the go between gigs. It's something I actually look forward to as part of the festival experience, especially at events like Green Man where the catering is above average and predominantly vegetarian. Last year I was particularly impressed by a Moroccan café tent which offered a brilliant selection of meze - one of my favourite types of meal. Yesterday we were at the first ever Mighty Boosh Festival at Hop Farm in Kent, which was fun, but not as exciting as we'd hoped. The food on offer was nothing to write home about either, as you can see from these not very inspiring Mexican wraps. And yes, that is a wig Ant is wearing - we were dressed as Future Sailors in homage to the Boosh. Although Ant would have me point out that he actually wore this exact ensemble to our Seasick party last year, before that episode ever even aired! Hopefully I'll have some more inspiring festival cuisine to write about when I come back from Latitude in a couple of weeks time, or maybe even while I'm there, if I can get my mobile to play nicely and let me blog from a field.
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