Thursday, May 15, 2008

Rowan Likes To...

I picked up this rather amusing meme from the ever-entertaining Anna Pickard. The idea tickled me, so I've tagged myself (at her invitation), and duly followed the simple instructions, which are to type '[your name] likes to' into Google and paste the results. As my name is unisex - a fact that often causes confusion - I have taken the liberty of adjusting some of the results from 'he' or 'his' to 'she' or 'hers'. I'm guessing that most of these statements are from parents writing about their young children, which makes them all the more hilarious when applied to an adult - especially if, like me, you have a puerile sense of humour. I've also followed Anna's lead by adding my own comments - obviously, for I could never let Google have the last word.

Rowan likes to take things she really likes and put them away so she can play with them later. This would require a degree of patience, a virtue for which I am not generally known. When I like playing with things, they tend to stay out where I can easily play with them any time I like.

Rowan likes to see that. Depends what 'that' is. I don't want to see that!

Rowan likes to think she is sadly missed by all, but she is probably mistaken. Strangely, I actually had this exact thought recently - when I was away in Hungary. I dreamed that all my friends had got together in my absence and signed a petition to not be my friend anymore. I blame the sedatives (prescribed for dental treatment, I should add) for making me even more paranoid than usual.

Rowan likes to ride her bike, but the bike was still at the house. A euphemism for my life, if ever there was one.

Rowan likes to watch dog shows on TV with her uncle Ron. I don't have an uncle Ron, but If I did, I'm sure I would be happy to watch dog shows with him.

Rowan likes to have books read to her, contemplates mobiles, and hates hippies. Should read: Rowan likes to have books read to her, contemplates hippies and hates mobiles.

Rowan likes to wear scruffy clothes, pick cues off the wall (or curtain poles) and beat people with them. Yep.

Rowan likes to create things to meet needs. Doesn't everyone?

Rowan likes to encourage integrity and fairness in all dealings. That'll be the Libra in me.

Rowan likes to talk...a LOT. No comment.

Rowan likes to quietly put her hand over her food so that you don’t take it. That's what it's like living with the Cookie Monster.

Rowan likes to play. True.

Rowan likes to be able to make the puppets do whatever she likes. I do try, but they always resist.

Rowan likes to think of herself as a member of the nattering, chattering classes. That famous sub-set of society.

Rowan likes to get rides down the hall in the laundry basket. I'm actually going to try this when I get home. I wonder if I could harness the cats to pull me along in it?

Rowan Likes To Brag! Never! I'm far too modest!

Rowan likes to pretend she's a 'titty with a dick'. WTF??

Rowan likes to pretend. She often says she's not Rowan...she's Daddy. There seems to be a pattern emerging here, which would imply that I'm some kind of kinky freak. Purleeese.

Rowan likes to eat gerbils. False. Rowan is in fact a vegetarian.

Rowan likes to eat a pancake for breakfast every once in a while. I do love a pancake, especially with maple syrup and ice cream.

Rowan likes to climb and then balance on things precariously. This usually occurs quite late and night, and invariably ends in tears.

And that's it. That's all Rowan does, apparently. Well, it made me laugh.

Now the obligatory tagging bit. I only recently tagged a load of bloggy friends with a different meme, so I won't risk annoying them with another one so soon - but anyone who's reading this, do let me know if you decide to follow suit. Do it! Do it! Go on... it'll make you giggle!


  1. I've never in my life set some time aside to seriously contemplate hippies. Might give that a go! Great post Rowan.

  2. Emma, another Brightonian17 May 2008 at 20:34:00 BST

    Oh, my good it's so funny! I wanna list somewhere (maybe I could create a blog just for this?!?) the first 10 things that I allegedly like according to Goolge.. most of them are so true though!!! Really nice meme and cool blog too.


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