Friday, March 14, 2008

Eight Random Things

Apparently this game has been going on between bloggers for ages, but I've only just been 'tagged' by my sister-outlaw (my brother's girlfriend, and mother of my gorgeous nephew) to join in. Basically, as the title suggests, you have to list eight random things about yourself, then 'tag' other bloggers to do the same. Like some kind of digital chain letter I suppose, but without the threat of imminent catastrophe if you fail to participate. But just in case I forgot to read the smallprint, and am at risk of reprisal (not that I'm at all superstitious, oh no), here are eight random things about me:

I'm really good at parking, and can squeeze into tiny little spaces, even without the help of power steering.

I've recorded at Abbey Road studios. I even have the obligatory zebra crossing shot to prove it. My singing has taken me to such glamorous locations as Eastbourne Winter Gardens, Chichester Cathedral and the Library Theatre, but Abbey Road was undoubtedly the most exciting.

The dimple on my right cheek is actually a scar that I got when I fell out of a bunk bed onto a pencil. Seriously.

It's no secret that I *love* fancy dress, but it might surprise you that during my long and illustrious history of dressing up I've been all of the following: (click on the links for photographic evidence): Cinderella, a Bellydancer, The Queen Mother, a Witch, The Virgin Mary, Princess Leia, Pierrette, a Flower, Balthazar (one of the Three Kings - and yes, I was made to black-up), a St Trinian's Schoolgirl, Axl Rose, a Fairy, Florence from the Magic Roundabout, Tank Girl, Trinity from the Matrix, Ava Gardner, a Golden Buddha, The Absinthe Fairy, Titania, Catwoman, Sally Bowles, a Vampire, Lara Croft, The Chinese Ambassador, Death, a Medieval Babe, a Wild West Hooker, Mrs Mia Wallace, Sybil Fawlty, Annie Lennox, a Ninja, a Bollywood Star, Princess Leia (again), Peter Pan, a Bad Cupid, a Tiki Lounge Lady, Penelope Pitstop, a Sadist, a Naughty Nun, Barbarella, a Disco Pirate, The White Witch, and most recently, Karen Carpenter. I may have forgotten one or two, but I've even surprised myself with that list!

I once sold books to Mick Jagger whilst working in the Richmond branch of Waterstone's. Somewhere I still have a copy of the receipt with his signature on it. I'm not embarrassed to admit that I found him strangely attractive, for an old wrinkly.

Celery makes me sick. No, really, I can't abide the stuff. I mean, what kind of vegetable comes with its own dental floss? Ugh!

Thanks to a brief stint with an evangelical church group back in the late eighties, I can recite the books of The Bible by heart, both Old and New Testament. It can come in handy, occasionally.

Trifle is my favourite dessert, and I'm always concocting new and exciting fruit/alcohol combinations - most recently I made a chocolate orange version for my friend Brian's birthday, which contained two whole bars of chocolate (one dark, one white) and half a bottle of triple sec.


Now is the part where I have to 'tag' a list of eight fellow bloggers (only cringing very slightly) to reveal eight random things about themselves. So I'm choosing a mixture of friends and Brighton bloggy people whose writings I regularly read. OK, here goes, I hope you're game guys:

Tag! You're It...
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Shaun at
Beth at
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Sophy at
Rosie at
Rowan (the other one) at


  1. Cool! I love the phrase 'sister-outlaw' - and did you *seriously* serve Jagger?

  2. I did indeed serve ole rubber lips himself - Christmas 1998 it must have been. My colleague James, who was a HUGE fan, became utterly overwhelmed by his presence, and had to hide in the corner!

  3. I finally got around to doing it...


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