Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Turning Back Time

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The tradition of going out dancing on Maundy Thursday goes back almost as far as the Hot Cross Bun thing on Good Friday, indeed what better way to kick off the long weekend? Back in 'The Bourne' we'd invariably hit the end of the pier for a session in what was once the Roxy, but has since tranformed into the Odyssey and now Altlantis. Given that Eastbourne's nightlife has never been exactly eclectic, this was deemed the lesser of the clubbing evils available, especially on a Thursday night when an endless supply of cheesey 70s and 80s tunes was guaranteed. There was a time when I would have gone out on a Thursday regardless of having to get up for work the next day, but these days I am content to do so but once a year, when the next day is a Bank Holiday.

In Brighton by contrast, there are almost too many clubbing options to choose from, and for the annual Easter dancefest ths year I was torn between Guilty Pleasures at the newly opened Brighton Coalition - sure to evoke nostalgia for those end-of-pier dancing days, and Super Hair - a brand new night at audio in which extraordinarily styled barnets are compulsory. In the end, the GBF and I decided on the latter, and set off suitably wigged and styled, respectively. As is customary in this town, the majority of punters had risen to the occasion admirably, with everything from feathered-heads to giant afros, to back-combed bee-hives, to rockabilly quiffs on display. Armed with my camera, I hit the dancefloor and hardly came off it again all night, as the music became more and more to my liking - ending on one of my own DJ-ing staples, Queen's 'Don't Stop Me Now'. As I jumped up to air-guitar along on the podium, the years rolled back and I felt 15 again. Who would ever guess that the two cheeky youngsters in this photo are in fact both somewhat jaded thirty-somethings? Oh how I love airbrushing.

Superhair - a Flickr photoset by Jaded Lady
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