Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I Love Taj

Last year a food revolution happened in Brighton, and I thought it was about time I mentioned it. Yes, we already have loads of lovely cafes, restaurants, pubs and delis - we're a foodie town - but when Taj opened up their new branch on Western Road, they took things to a new level.

I used to live opposite the old Taj shop on Bedford Place and was a regular customer, picking up bits on my way home and even using it for basics such as milk and bread. I'd always find myself tempted by nice dried fruit, fruit teas and exotic foods. It was pretty cool for a local convenience shop and excellent for unusual ingredients you can never normally find. When I discovered that the owners were expanding into a bigger premises on Western Road, I was intrigued and excited. It seemed to take an age for the doors to finally open. We'd be walking by every weekend peeking through the blinds to see what progress was like, but nothing much seemed to be happening for ages. Then suddenly, the day had arrived. Taj International Supermarket was born!

You might think with a name like Taj that the focus would be on Asian foods, but no, the stock is genuinely international. Everything from fresh fruit and veg to dried & tinned products, every kind of herb & spice and an intriguing selection of organic and vegetarian options are on offer. Now that I live the other side of town, popping over at weekends has become a treat to which I look forward with relish. If only there was a Kemptown branch, I'd never go to Asda again.

My personal favourite products include:

  • Various makes of Chai (spiced tea)
  • Squirty soya cream - my lactose intolerant friend Sarah is ecstatic!
  • Dried mango - not like anything you get in supermarkets
  • Fresh herbs - in huge, pungent bunches
  • Veggie sausages - lots of different flavours
  • Veggie jelly sweets - I never thought I'd have cola bottles again
  • Exotic fruit juices in every flavour
  • Fresh figs - Ant's favourite
  • LIQUORICE - red and black and more besides
  • Turkish delight - oh yes
  • Olives - in buckets

  • I could go on, but I'm sure you get the idea. Shopping there is truly an experience. Funky bollywood tunes waft through the fragrant isles and give you a real holiday vibe. I've started taking guests as a "thing to do in Brighton" when they come and stay, and they go home laden with goodies. If you live locally and haven't been already, do. If you live far away, it's a great excuse to come and visit!


    1. You're making me want to go to the grocery store!

      Love Chai (never say it right tho) & fruit juices - not the boring, regular kind, but different. (It's fun to play with mix & match to come up with your own concoctions.)

      Hungry now & thirsty. Gotta go. Loving the blog & I will be back.


    2. There is a kemptown branch opening this Saturday. My girlfriend is going to be working there :)


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