Friday, October 17, 2008

One More Day

Going to bed last night I felt like a small child on Christmas eve - knowing that the next day I would get my shiny new teeth installed at last. This morning we took the now familiar walk down to Dr Ten, only to discover that the dentist was not 100% happy with the bite of my implants and other crowns, and would need to make a few minor adjustments before the final fitting - so I have to go back again tomorrow.

After all the build-up, I was a little disappointed, but then having waited over a year to get to this point, another 24 hours doesn't seem like much, and I'm glad that they are making a thorough job of it. We stopped for a compensatory cup of tea and a cake on the way back to the apartment, where Ant made a much more moderate choice than yesterday's gargantuan confection (pictured). I think he's finally realising that biggest is not necessarily best when it comes to cakes.

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  1. Hope you're okay - waking up this morning with ambitions to spoil yourself with something wonderful :)


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