Friday, June 27, 2008

Found: Yoga Teacher with Own Sense of Reality

After Monday night's unsatisfactory yoga class, I did some homework to try and track down one that would suit my mental and physical needs, without being too preachy or esoteric. I came across a Brighton teacher who advocates a Humanistic approach to yoga, and whose teaching is informed by the needs of people in a modern context, stripping away all the ritualistic and mystical stuff that I find so off-putting. When I looked up the details of his classes, I realised that it was the same teacher who had been recommended to me some time ago by the lovely Sam Toft, my original yogi, when she stopped teaching. So I went along to a drop-in class last night with an open mind, and found that it was pretty much what I'd hoped for. The teacher was immediately likeable and approachable, guiding us through a series of asanas (poses), whilst occasionally provoking little philosophical discussions related to whatever we were doing at the time. This bit was a pleasant surprise, and the interaction gave the class a lovely friendly atmosphere. I came home feeling utterly chilled and resolving to go back next week with Ant, who I think would have really enjoy it too.


  1. Where did you find a yoga teacher with a sense of humour and reality? Please tell me!
    Daisy, Kemp Town

  2. Hi Daisy! I found Peter Blackaby, who does Thursday night drop-ins at Unit 4 yoga centre on Roundill Street, among other places. Check out his website:

    Do say hello if you decide to pop along.


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