Friday, February 22, 2008

Why Breakfast In Bed?

It occurs to me that I've never actually explained the reason behind the title of this blog, other than in the About Me section, which I only added recently. So I thought it was about time I set the record straight. This is not a blog about Bed & Breakfasts, although I do get a lot of hits from people looking for accommodation recommendations. I may mention the occasional noteworthy hostelry in the context of writing about my various travels, but you won't find any B&B listings here, no sir. So why 'Breakfast In Bed'? Well, around the time I started blogging (early 2006), I'd been listening to a fantastic compilation CD called Super Seventies Reggae, on which one of the stand-out tracks is Breakfast in Bed by Lorna Bennett. Originally sung by Dusty Springfield as a bittersweet ballad, Bennett's version, released in 1971, is altogether sexier - oozing with seductive Caribbean charm, it puts one firmly in the mood to be waited on from under the comfort of the duvet. This song was stuck in my head when I was thinking about what to call my online offering, and it also seemed to reflect the sort of things I imagined writing about - namely life's little indulgences.

It should be said that making breakfast in bed for oneself does lessen the pampering factor rather, what with having to actually get out from under the duvet in order to prepare said feast, but let's face it, the chances of it happening any other way in our house are slim. I do get the occasional cup of tea delivered to my bedside on days when Mr M has to be up before me, or has been prematurely awoken by his bladder or an obstinate ginger cat - and even this is a most welcome indulgence. I'll admit to feeling slightly disappointed that it doesn't happen more often, especially since a precedent was set right at the beginning of our relationship - when I was brought not only breakfast, but the weekend papers (for which he had actually got dressed and gone out to the shops) - the first time I stayed over at his place. You could call this being lured in under false pretences, but I'm not one to complain (much). These days I am content to be spoiled a couple of times a year - on birthdays and anniversaries - and to find other ways to treat myself in the meantime. So whilst I do write about all those things here - music, food, books, socialising, travel - breakfast in bed remains the ultimate aspirational indulgence - the motivational icing on the metaphorical blog-cake.

Photograph courtesy of Romantic Home on Flickr

Disclaimer: This post is by no means intended as a hint.

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