Friday, July 28, 2006

Where did that month go?

It's been a month since my last post, and though I have nothing much of interest to write about, I feel I must scrape together some sort of offering. Although I'm not a Catholic, and have never been to confession, I'm sure it's a similar thing - the need to purge one's subconsious and discharge those random thoughts which clog up the brainwaves. There'll be no disclosing of transgressions here, though...

The last month has been fairly devoid of cultural exploits about which to write, and the social calendar has been somewhat slow as well. What I've been busy doing is changing jobs... after 18 months in Chichester I decided it was time for a change and found myself a cushy gig much nearer home, in Lewes. The plan was to cycle in - to save money and get fit at the same time, but since I don't have a working bike, I've been getting the bus so far. I've discovered that Brighton buses are actually fairly reliable, even sometimes, rather annoyingly, arriving EARLY! My past experiences of using buses regularly were mainly in London when they lived up to that classic reputation of none coming for ages and then three turning up at once. Well, the job is cool, the people are lovely, and it's great being back in good-old Lewes. I've even got a bus buddy in the shape of my friend Tim, who also commutes to Lewes, to work at County Hall. We're having lunch today, and all feels right in the world.

Other stuff that's happened in the last month includes a visit from my Kiwi cousins, which involved a cheesy Brighton day - down the pier, fish & chips, swimming in the sea, buying souvenir Brighton Rock, and shopping in the Lanes. My best friend from school, Kerry, has also been over from Oz, where she now lives, but I only got to see her for one night, as it was a flying, and tightly scheduled, trip. We've had a houseful this week, with two lodgers - a bassonist from Glyndebourne and the lovely Brian, who will be staying for a few weeks before he goes of to do his PGCE in Exeter. He joined us for our regular pub quiz last night, at which we did shamefully - joint 4th - shocking! I put it down to Jo not being there, and the fact that the guest round was sport. Still, it was a fun evening, with much inter-team banter, and a spontaneous chanting of "HE SAID YACK, HE SAID YACK...!" in response to one team member's indignant remark of "I said Yack and none of you believed me". Genius.

The month has not been without its upsets - Mum lost her little Yorkie dog, Zoe, who originally belonged to Granny. I'm not usually a fan of little yappy dogs, but Zoe was real character, and her kooky personality certainly outshone her diminutive physical presence. After hosting a veritable menagerie of pets not so long ago, Mum's now left with just one cat (Go-Tabs) and one dog (Pascha). Then more sad news came yesterday from Ant's Mum that their old and very dear family cat, Dandelion, had died. We took a moment to honour her memory, and I shall do so again here. She was once a very timid, usually invisible, cat, but in recent years had mellowed into a different creature entirely. Last Christmas I took on the job of visiting her regularly in the attic rooms (see above picture), where she was confined because of Eddy and Alison's dog Papi being around. She was pathetically pleased to see me, and covered me in her soft tortoisehell fur, purring and dribbling with affection. I shall miss seeing her when we head North, dear old Dandelion.


  1. Good luck working in Lewes - the people I work with who live there are the most frustratingly annoying snobs I've ever met. And they all seem to be stuck in a 1950s timewarp. To me at least, Lewes screams AVOID!!!

  2. Well, luckily I'm working for a cool little publisher where all the people I've come across so far have been very nice. Most of them live in Brighton too, and are like-minded. Yes, there is a certain element of posh snobbery in Lewes in general, but nothing like as bad as Chichester where I was before! I also have fond memories of Lewes from my college days here, and it's great to be visiting my old haunts once more!

  3. I have just read your tribute toDandilion as we are at Eddies and he put your blog up. I,m really impressed and soglad that you have such fond memories of her. Actually, when she met her untimetleny ended itwas a bit of a reliexf as I was about to leave her shut in the garage for 3 weeks...looked after I hasten to add. It was 2weeks at first but Dad extended it.We do miss her but are not getting any more pets and will enjoy sharing all our childrens animals...4 cats & 1 dog.I am really impressed with the blog and intend to read and keep in touch through it in future. We are on the way home from N.Wales after 2 nights staying with friends.The Sportsman at Tattenhall is still a really excellent pub and now we are off to Stewarts Table at the Farmers Alms...should be good!!!!! Mum M.


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