Friday, January 13, 2006

Losing streak

Feeling a bit down-cast today after our first defeat in weeks at the Barley Mow pub quiz. I am sure they made the questions more difficult because of us. This was on top of the news that Mum's dear old cat Peridot had to be put to sleep yesterday. I spent the first twenty minutes sitting in the pub alone (as Jo was running late), contemplating Peri's passing and remembering her quirks. She was a very indignant cat, always demanding something - be it affection, food or access. I rescued her from a vet surgery in Wales when visiting my Granny with my then boyfriend, Chris. She wasn't having any of the cat-carry box, and kept yowling and shitting in it, so eventually we let her out and she sat on my lap, contentedly looking out of the window all the way back to Eastbourne! She loved a fuss and was one of the only cats I've known who loved having her tummy rubbed vigorously. I shall remember her fondly. I suppose it is only fitting that we should have lost the quiz for once, as it would have felt wrong to be celebrating anyway. The night was not without its jollity though - we raised a toast to Peri's memory and got chatting with a pretty boy who lives in France, apparently.
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