Monday, July 14, 2008

Jo's Cherry and Almond Clafoutis

There's been a distinct lack of sweet things so far in this month of food-themed posting, so I thought it was about time to rectify that. I do love a pudding, or a cake; or even, if I'm really depressed, a whole unadulterated block of marzipan. I have stopped baking so much at home unless we have guests, because we only end up eating the whole batch ourselves and feeling terribly guilty about it. So it is a welcome treat when I go to someone else's house and am presented with a homemade cake. Especially if that house is Jo's, and the cake happens to be a cherry and almond clafoutis.

The knee-weakening creation you see pictured here was one of three puddings offered at our first barbecue of the season over at Jo and G's place on Saturday. There was also a classic Victoria sponge with fresh cream and jam filling and a deliciously dense chocolate cake (which you can see in the background). I thought it only polite to at least sample the vegetable and haloumi kebabs first, but really I would have been happy just to gorge on dessert. Luckily everyone else had stuffed themselves with burgers and sausages, so there was plenty of pud for me when the time came. They were all delicious, but the (apparently very labour-intensive) cherry clafouti was definitely the best of the three - the light crumbly franzipan and juicy fresh cherries complemented each other beautifully. The recipe that Jo used was from an unknown cutting, but I found this one online, which sounds close enough. I might give it a go myself when I have a free afternoon, but if you should beat me to it, be sure to save me a slice.
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