Monday, July 07, 2008

Sunday Lunch in Hanover

After Saturday's lack of foodie inspiration, it was with some relish that we tucked into our Sunday roasts at the Dover yesterday lunchtime. It's one of the few local pubs where vegetarians get a choice of two options - sausages or nut roast - and the food is consistently good. After having lugged it round for 24 hours, I decided to leave my camera at home, so this picture was taken on my dodgy cameraphone and doesn't really do justice to its subject. As well as a generous three sausages (nice vegetable ones, none of your rubbery fake-meat soya travesties here, thank goodness), there was a good selection of perfectly cooked veggies - peas, broccoli, potatoes (with skins off unfortunately), swede (mashed) and parsnips, plus the obligatory Yorkshire pud (which I can take or leave). Of course, the gravy is the best bit in any roast dinner, and also happens to be one of my own culinary specialities, so I can be quite critical of other people's. This gravy passed the test, not quite as thick and savoury as I would make it, but tasty nonetheless. Mine is a variation on a family recipe passed down to me by my mother, and in turn from her aunt. It uses wholemeal flour instead of cornflour, usually involves alcohol (red wine or beer can both work), either onions or garlic, and a rather bizarre secret ingredient that gives it a wonderful rich fruitiness. Try it, you'll be surprised.


  1. I'm properly intrigued by your secret ingredient now - I get an 'access forbidden' message when I click on that link.

    Maybe if I keep trying I'll get a page that says they can tell me but then they'll have to kill me?

    Anyway, still enjoying reading your blog, and thought it was about time I left a comment.

  2. I've mended the broken link now, thanks for pointing it out. I guess it's not such a secret anymore...

  3. God, I remember that stuff! Mum used to work in a health food store. Yum.


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