Friday, July 04, 2008

Lunch at Bill's

The inevitable consequences of Wednesday night's boozy dinner at the Sanctuary put me in need of serious restoration by yesterday lunchtime, and the only rational choice here in Lewes was to head for the legendary Bill's. Any self-respecting Brighton foodie will be familiar with the branch in the North Laine, which is permanently rammed, and a good place for spotting minor (and sometimes major - Kylie was once sat on the table next to me) celebrities. The original café/deli in Lewes opened in 2001 and has recently extended to accommodate its ever-growing army of devotees. Unlike the tranquil Sanctuary, Bill's is a buzzy, bustly place, brilliant for over-hearing snippets of conversation between bonkers locals. I often treat myself to a lunchtime smoothie from there, and if Mum comes to meet me for lunch, that's where we'll invariably end up.

I knew in advance what I'd be ordering on this particular visit - I'd been craving it since breakfast - scrambled eggs on toast. Bill's scrambled eggs are superior to most (including mine) - billowing and creamy, scattered with vibrant fresh herbs (basil and tarragon on this occasion) and piled onto lightly toasted, generously buttered rustic white bread - they are the ultimate comfort food. Even the cute tomato-shaped ketchup dispenser adds to the experience. Whether or not I want dessert (I didn't this time), I always spend a decent amount of time gazing into the awe-inspiring Bill's cake cabinet, the contents of which would not be out of place in a gallery. Decorated with fresh flowers and colourful hunks of fruit, these delectable creations really are works of art. Even my mango and raspberry smoothie was adorned with a single red rose - a romantic gesture for the lone diner perhaps? I'd like to think so.
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