Saturday, February 04, 2006

Running Hot & Cold

Woke up this morning full of cold and with swollen tonsils. My heart sank. I've managed to avoid getting ill all winter and have been feeling generally quite fit and well. I blame the combination of a tiring week last week, lots of germs flying around at work and two nights in a row down the pub. Damien's birthday 'do' was in the Queen's Arms - how original - and it does get horribly smoky in there once it fills up. We didn't stay long, but I am afraid the damage was done.

So I've spent all day in my pyjamas, running hot and cold and filling myself with various remedies. Ant went out on a mission for Neal's Yard tincture, fruit and other good things to help me get well. I wrote a book review (see my other reviews blog) and tinkered on the laptop while he was out. When he got back we watched the DVD of Lion in Winter, which we've had for a while but couldn't bring ourselves to watch before the play. It was a very mixed bag - poorly cast - especially Richard, played by a wooden and distinctly un-attractive Anthony Hopkins, complete with dodgy stick-on beard. Ant was rather heartened by this, as he was SO much better and much more handsome. It was very odd watching the film version which was almost identical in dialogue, but played very differently by almost everyone.

We were meant to go over to Eastbourne this evening to see Nat and the new baby, but obviously I didn't want to spread germs. So we stayed in and got a curry and listened to folk music. Dad emailed me the review of Lion in Winter which was in yesterday's Herald. It was better written than the average Berald piece and praised our production in almost every way, under the heading "More Soon, Please". Very gratifying.

Ant has received the first issue of 'Make' magazine, which I subscribed him to for his birthday, so is happily reading and planning geeky endeavours. Poppet is looking very comfortable sitting on him, gradually sliding down between his legs, she doesn't seem to care.

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