Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Down with Daytime TV

I've been home sick for the last few days, and am starting to get bored. Ant's been off too, but with a different ailment - I had a stinking cold and he had a 24 hour stomach bug. We're both fed up, but at least we've had each other's company. Today I had to go for a blood test for anaemia, as that might be the reason I'm getting ill so often. I'm under pressure at work not to be off sick anymore, and am anxious to find out why I seem to catch eveything going, when I lead a pretty healthy life. The doctor said I looked pale, but he wasn't my usual doctor. I just want to be well.

We've been watching Smallville Season 4 on DVD, which is excellent. But more than 4 episodes in a row can get waring. I've joined, as part of my mission to be more cultured this year. We should get our first DVD through the post tomorrow. When I'm back to full health, I'll think about booking some theatre and music gigs.

I'll probably try and go back to work tomorrow. Daytime TV sucks.

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