Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Reggie Craig Roberts

Last night I finally made it round to Natalie's to meet her new arrival - three weeks after he was born. A series of unfortunate events had kept me away until then - first Nat had been poorly and then I came down with a cold and didn't want to spread germs. So by the time I was driving over to Eastbourne, I was longing to meet the little fellow. I managed to stall myself long enough to stop and pick up some pressies on the way - flowers, chocs and champers for Nat and Steve, a My Little Pony for Lulah and the ubiquitous cuddly toy (in this case, a lime green sheep that baas when squeezed) for Reggie.

The atmosphere at the Roberts house seemed wonderfully serene considering they're not getting much sleep and are adjusting to the chaos of having two kids to look after. It might be the contrast of a joyful event after the relentless sadness last year. They both seemed really chilled out and happy. Lulah's not sure about her little brother yet, but then he doesn't really do much! I had a long cuddle and it felt very natural. He's quite a small, delicate little bundle, and was mostly asleep. I didn't stay late, as they're getting to bed early at the moment. I came home to an empty flat, as Ant was out playing wargames with Matt Smith. So I watched ER - sad chimp episode - and made myself a tasty salad for dinner.

I'd intended to get an early night, but found myself reading back through old diaries and becoming engrossed. Originally I'd been looking through to try and jog my memory about old Waterstone's colleagues who Joe and I are trying to track down for a reunion, but it's amazing how much you forget, and astonishing how much I managed to fit into my life back then (only 1998/99). It made me want to be more sociable/cultured/active and all those things that go out the window when you're 30 and stuck in a 9-5 job. The fact that so many friends are now moving into the next phase - having kids - makes me feel even more suspended in time and space. Nikki and John were down with little Rowan on Sunday - a nice surprise - and we're having Isaac to stay this weekend (apparently he's walking properly now). Everyone else is doing it...why can't we?
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