Friday, March 10, 2006


I'd never heard of one until last night, but from now on I'll never be able to forget the "painted leopard". Thanks to my ignorance, we lost the pub quiz by only half a point - much worse than doing really badly. Ant had known, or had a hunch that Ocelot was the answer to the question of "what is the name of South America's most common wild cat, also known as the painted leopard?". I'd never heard of one, so stupidly insisted on "jaguar" and Ant was understandably pretty cross when he realised I'd lost us the game. We shouldn't be so competitive about it, but when you've won a few times it becomes addictive. Obviously I need to brush up on my wildlife knowledge. To rub salt in our wounds, I knew the tie-breaker which none of the 3 co-winners could answer when played the first few bars of 10CC's "Dreadlock Holiday". I was particularly on the ball, as I've been listening to a groovy remix of it on the Radio Soulwax album by 2ManyDJs, which is a 'versus' with Destiny's Child.

It was a jolly evening up until the downfall, although I stupidly drunk one too many red wines and am suffering for it today. Well at least it's Friday.

If you don't know what an Ocelot is either, visit: Big Cat Rescue and you'll be enlightened!

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