Monday, April 07, 2008

Beautiful People, Half Decent Photos

My transition to digital photography has been a fairly recent one, and it's taken me a good few months to start getting to grips with all the possibilities that my Nikon D40x offers. Sometimes I miss the simplicity of my old OM10, but regular practice, experimentation, and an excellent evening class (sadly now finished) have all helped me feel more at ease with the digital beast. I'm also now fully kitted out with flash unit (the built in flash is fairly limiting), remote flash cord and tripod, all of which make a big difference. I'm finally getting to the stage I used to be at with film, where my pictures actually come out like I imagine them in my head when I'm composing the shot. I was really rather pleased with this set of photos, taken at Carnivalesque on Friday night, which have had hardly any editing.

I love capturing people in full swing - taking non-static portraits that tell you something about the person and who they are being, or trying to be, in that particular moment. What a fabulous bunch of photogenic punters these guys were, and very obliging to me - the annoying photographer in their midst. All I need now is an elegant camera bag that won't look out of place on the dancefloor.

The full set from Carnivalesque are on my Flickr page at:
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